Nigeria Business Visa


1 – Passport Submit the actual passport and make sure It has empty visa pages and will not expire within 6 months from the date of departure.

  • All foreign nationals residing in the U.S. must submit a copy of the Green Card or Work Visa with their passport.

2 - Two color passport size photos Must be taken within the last 6 months. See link for guidelines:

3 - Letter of invitation (copy will suffice) From host company or business organizations in Nigeria stating the reason for your visit and duration of stay.  They must accept full immigration and financial responsibility. Must be submitted with a copy of the passport or National ID data page for the person who signed and requested such invite (both signature on the letter & ID must match), and a copy of the certificate of registration for the Nigerian company in Nigeria.

4 - Letter of intent from U.S. company Below is a sample:

Must be on U.S. Company letterhead


                                                                                  Company Letterhead

                                                                                  Full Address:





Consulate General of Nigeria


Visa Section


Kindly requesting your Consulate to assist Mr., Ms., ________, Title __________, to obtain a Multi-entry Business Visa to visit (Country Name) on (date) till (date).


Mr., Ms. has been employed by (company name) for ______.


During Mr., Ms. Visit, he will be meeting with (Name of the person, company name and address abroad in full) for business purposes and will not engage in any kind of work, technical assistance nor he or she will get paid by the (inviting company).


(US Company name) will assume all the financial responsibility and expenses for Mr./Ms. during his /her stay in your country.


Please feel free to contact me if more assistance is needed regarding this request.






Senior Staff and title


Human Resource


5 – Nigeria visa application:

As the applicant fills out the application, please make sure to choose ATLANTA as the consulate of choice for submitting the application. If you choose others like Washington DC or New York, it will delay the process by 3 business days.

After filling out the application form online, submit and print it out. Proceed to payment section.

Guideline for filling the application:

STEP 1: Go to Nigeria Immigration website:

STEP 2: Select Entry Visa / Visa Free Zone

STEP 3: Select Processing Country, choose United States


STEP 4: Click on Start Application.


STEP 5: The application is on the Innovate1 Services website. Please log in with your existing Google email or Yahoo email account, otherwise select the open ID option and create an account for the application process.

STEP 6: After logging in, start the application process and register your account with Innovate1 Services.

STEP 7: Choose ATLANTA office as your processing office.

STEP 8: Please complete the form and click on the SUBMIT button, then print out the entire form (7 pages in total).

STEP 9: Once the application has been successfully submitted you will be provided with an application ID and reference number.

STEP 10: Using the Application ID and Reference number, please proceed and make the VISA FEE PAYMENT with your debit or credit card.

STEP 11: If you do not have either a debit or credit card, please purchase a money order of $180 (the visa fee) and associate the money order to the Application ID and Reference number. Please note: If you are paying with a money order, you must wait for Innovate1 Services to send you confirmation that they have received your money order.

STEP 12: Please print out your Visa Payment Slip and Visa Acknowledgment form

If the applicant encounters difficulty with the visa payment of $180.00 for U.S. passport holders, or any other Passport holder*(see the link below), we will be happy to make the payment on your behalf. Just mail in the printed application with the ID & Reference number plus the rest of the requirements.


Consulate fee for processing the visa is $95 and takes 2 business days to process at the consulate. The Nigeria embassy immigration fee is $180 (If the applicant chooses not to make the immigration fee payment of $180 through Innovate 1 when completing their Nigeria visa application online, Visa Supply can make the payment on your behalf using our credit card and will add $180 to your invoice). Our service fee is $175.
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