Niger Tourist Visa


1 - Passport Submit the original (signed) passport and make sure it has empty visa pages (the last two amendment pages do not count as a visa pages) and will not expire within 6 months from the date of departure.

  • All foreign Nationals residing in the U.S. must submit a copy of the Green Card or Work Visa with the passport.

2 - Three color passport size photos Must be taken within last 6 months. See link for guidelines:

3 - Application (Three applications are required per applicant) Please click on link below:

4 - Letter from travel agency A letter (2 copies) from the travel agent certifying that round trip ticket has been purchased.

5 - Letter from bank A letter (2 copies) from the bank certifying that the traveler has at least $500.00 in their savings account. (This applies to travelers who are going by road).

6 - Yellow fever vaccination

Fees for citizens of United States of America

Our fee is $90 and the consular fee is $100.

The visa takes 10 business days to process at the consulate. They will also do it for 5 business days for $140.

It's good for 1 year and allows multiple entries.

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