Brazil Tourist Visa


1 - Passport Submit the original (signed) passport and make sure it has empty visa pages (the last two amendment pages do not count as a visa pages) and will not expire within 6 months from the date of departure.

  • All foreign Nationals residing in the U.S. must submit a copy of the Green Card or Work Visa with the passport.

2 - Two color passport size photos Must be taken within last 6 months. See link for guidelines:

3 - Visa application Below is the link for the English version to start the application:

4 - Copy of a valid driver license OR state issued ID If you don’t have those, please provide a copy of one of your utility bills, such as electrical, water or a lease for the house or apartment as proof of your residency.

5 - Copy of round-trip ticket, booked itinerary (reservation) or letter from a travel agent The document must contain the following information: the applicant’s name, complete itinerary, flight number and arrival/departure dates and reservation code provided by the airline company.

6 - Financial Capability (Evidence of funds) An original bank statement or credit card statement. If the applicant does their banking online, please provide a NOTARIZED COPY of the last month’s statement showing the ending balance no less than ($125 X the number of days in Brazil). For example, if you stay in Brazil for 7 days, the minimum balance in the last month’s statement must show ($125.00 x 7 days = $875.00), or the credit card statement must show the line of credit equal or greater than $875.00 for the 7-day journey to Brazil. Applicant can black out the account number and needs to submit only the first page of the statement that shows his or her name.

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS FOR MINORS - Authorization for Issuance of a Brazilian Visa for a MINOR

Applicants under 18 year of age are considered MINORS and DO NOT SIGN THEIR VISA REQUEST FORMS.

*Parent (s) must fill out and sign the Atlanta Jurisdiction Authorization for Issuance of Brazilian Visa for Minor and the minor's visa application. Their signatures on the authorization form and the visa request form must be notarized.

*The Brazilian visa application form signed by the minor itself will be declined and the fee will not be returned.

Original birth certificate must be presented.

A NOTARIZED copy of both parents’ driver's license and a copy of both parents’ passport.

*Brazilian parents must provide proof of their residency status in the United States (Copy of green card or visa page in their Brazilian passport).

Important! Minor visas will not be issued without consent of both parents, except if:

*One of the parents is deceased, in which case the death certificate (original, certified or notarized copy) must be submitted; Or

*One of the parents is not listed on the birth certificate; Or

*Court Order or Divorce Decree granting not only full custody but exclusive parental rights to one of the parents or legal guardian(s). The original or notarized copy of the complete document must be presented along with the other requirements.

Children of Brazilian Citizens

Children of Brazilian citizens can only apply for a visa if they have not yet been issued a Brazilian birth certificate and therefore are not eligible for a Brazilian passport. In that case, the Brazilian parent(s) must attach a notarized* Declaration of Non-Citizenship stating that the child was not registered in any Consulate or in Brazil and therefore, does not hold Brazilian citizenship.

How to fill out the Brazil Visa Application

The link for the visa application: 

Start filling out the application step by step as required. Please look over the instructions and have all your documents ready before filling out the application.




When you reach the last page, for the Biometric Data and Scanned Documents, just upload the picture and the signature only. You may encounter difficulties during the uploading of the photo and signature. Only JPG/JPEG, GIF and PNG files are accepted, with minimum dimensions of 431 X 531 pixels for photo and minimum dimensions of the signature is 420 X 420 pixels. The file shall not have more than 300KB. In such instances, just upload any file you want and we will edit it when we receive your documents. We will upload the other documents when we receive them. Make sure to add the checkmark before you finish the application:

☑ I hereby declare that the information included in the form is true.


As soon as you print the application, sign and mail it to us with the rest of the documents.

Below is a sample of the visa application:


Fees for citizens of United States of America

Regular service

$160 For US passport holder. Visa validity up to 10 years. 8 business days at the Consulate.

Service Fee $150.

Rush service

$160 For US passport holder. Visa validity up to 10 years. 2 business days at the Consulate.

Service Fee $400.

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