1. Liberia Visa Application

    Liberia Visa Application

    Liberia, the first and oldest republic in Africa, has attracted a growing number of tourists, missionaries and other visitors the past few years.

    The country has maintained strong ties to the United States since its founding in 1832 and maintains English as its official language. The country (originally known as Monrovia, a tribute to U.S. President James Monroe) began as a settlement established by the American Colonization Society for freed American slaves. Over the next 40 years, some 12,000 former slaves and free-born African-Americans voluntarily moved to the colony on the Atlantic Ocean in West Africa. In 1847, the country declared itself the Free and Independent Republic of Liberia with the city of Monrovia as its capital. The country modeled its government on the U.S. Constitution.

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  2. Gambia Visa for U.S. Citizens

    Gambia Visa for U.S. Citizens

    The Gambia may be the smallest country in mainland Africa, but its diverse culture and wealth of must-see tourist attractions makes it a popular destination for Western visitors. A former British Colony until gaining independence in 1965, English is the official language of The Gambia, making it easy for Americans to communicate with the friendly residents who gave the country the nickname “the smiling coast of West Africa”.

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  3. Cambodia Visa for U.S. Citizens

    Cambodia Visa for U.S. Citizens

    Visitors to the Southeast Asian country of Cambodia are required to obtain a visa in addition to their U.S. passport. There are three options: upon arrival in Cambodia; electronically; or through a traditional physical visa obtained before you leave the United States. While we typically recommend the third option, all three choices have their own requirements and uses.

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  4. Ghana Visa Requirements

    Ghana Visa Requirements

    Ghana is located on the Atlantic coast in West Africa. The region was home to several empires for centuries (led by the Kingdom of Ashanti) before foreign powers began battling for dominance during the era of European colonization. Ghana was one of the few African states that actively resisted colonization during the 1700s and 1800s, fighting for more than a century against Great Britain’s effort to control the country. Finally, after decades as a British colony, Ghana became the first country in Africa to gain full political and economic independence in 1957.

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  5. How To Get A Visa For China

    How To Get A Visa For China

    If you are considering or planning a visit to the People’s Republic of China, you need more than just a U.S. passport. You must also obtain a visa through the Chinese consulate.

    Citizens of the United States and most other countries must obtain a visa before entering China. A visa is a travel authorization document affixed to your existing passport. Issued by a Chinese government agency, the visa allows foreigners to enter, exit from, or transit through mainland China. Like all sovereign states, Chinese laws and government officials determine whether to issue a visa; decline a visa application; or cancel an issued visa.

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