Pakistan Business visa


1 - Passport Submit the original (signed) passport and make sure it has empty visa pages (the last two amendment pages do not count as a visa pages) and will not expire within 6 months from the date of departure.

  • All foreign Nationals residing in the U.S. must submit a copy of the Green Card or Work Visa with the passport.

2 - Four color passport size photos Must be taken within last 6 months. See link for guidelines:

3 - Visa Application Complete the visa application form. (Click here for visa form PDF file). No column in the visa application should be left blank.

4 - For Military Personnel Complete the additional form providing details of their job. Please click here for form.

5 - Copy of state issued ID

6 - Copy of flight itinerary

7 - Official letter of invitation from Pakistan Issued by the proper authority that oversees the company or entity in Pakistan.  

8 - Letter of invitation from a Pakistan company (or individual) Should mention the full name of the applicant and reason of the visit, duration, address, copy of the inviter's passport or national ID.

9 - Letter of introduction From employer addressed to the Consulate General of Pakistan requesting issuance of a business visa for the applicant, either a single or multiple-entry business visa.

Sample Letter:


Must be on your US Company letterhead


                                                                                   Company Letterhead

                                                                                   Full Address:





Consulate General of Pakistan

Visa Section


Kindly requesting your Consulate to assist Mr.,Ms., ________, Title __________, to obtain a Multi-entry Business Visa to visit  (Country Name) on (date) until (date).


Mr., Ms. has been employed by (company name) for ______.


During Mr., Ms. Visit, he will be meeting with (Name of the person, company name and address abroad in full) for business purposes and will not engage in any kind of work, technical assistance nor he or she will get paid by the (inviting company).


(US Company name) will assume all the financial responsibility and expenses for Mr./Ms. During his /her stay in your country.


Please feel free to contact me if more assistance is needed regarding this request.






Senior Staff and title


Human Resource

Fees for citizens of United States of America

Consular Fee $324, Validity for the visa 1-3 months, Single Entry, 30-35 business days to process at the Consulate.

Service Fee $120

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